There is always a lyric from a song that stays with you. It could be from a favorite song, or a song you hear again after a few years that has you singing along. It might be a church hymn or a commercial jingle; any song really. Choose a line from that song (or the song title) as the title of your poem. Do not interpret the song. Make it new; make it yours. This is a favorite exercise of mine. Let’s see what music is in you that inspires. For our “Playlist”, do identify the song and artist.

Marie Elena’s haiku for Week 16:

Over the rainbow,
We hold hands and click our heels.
There’s no place like home.

This, of course, inspired by “Over the Rainbow,” Judy Garland’s signature song, by Arlen and Harburg. Thankfully, my husband is every bit as much the homebody as I.


Walt’s Lyric worth noting:



I sing my songs to you.

My words melt like butter in your mouth

and their taste leaves you sweetened and satisfied.

It seems I’ve tried to serenade you in every way

except what would eventually reach your ears.

My aural intrusion bringing thoughts to you

that you never knew possible. An impassible

blockade, battered now to allow my melodies

access to your battle-worn heart. And my words,

dripping, honeyed and spoon-fed, sticking

to your ravaged soul. They have taken their toll

as the maddening moonlight entices my muse.

I bay at its brilliance; my dalliance

brought to bare under the star-filled night.

Only fools fall!

~ from “BEG, STEAL OR BORROW” by Ray LaMontagne

66 thoughts on “PROMPT #16 – PLAYING FAVORITES #2

    • Excellent start to Walt’s prompt, Viv. Your passion is evident. And thank you for linking to the youtube clip. That really brings it home. (Pun intended, but not intended to make light.)


  1. number on the gate, number on the door

    pull it out. get a dime to buy a treat.
    house. my house
    house. cross the street; go to the little store.

    go to the little store
    buy a treat
    Nehi, Zero,
    Lay’s Potato. lemons and tomatoes.
    Nehi, Zero,
    cross the street
    house number
    house number
    telephone. what’s your daddy’s name?
    yes, ma’am
    yes sir. juicy fruit gum

    dendrite, axon,
    sitting in a tree
    cell body, synapse
    ba-by carriage
    what’s the last thing you forget?

    number on the gate, number on the door
    next house over is the grocery store
    stay all night, stay a little longer
    _____Bob Wills (and the Texas Playboys)

    clip on the website

  2. “I Walk the Line” sung my Johnny Cash

    Temptation’s out there.
    Now ain’t that the truth.
    But I’d rather walk
    a narrow line
    than live away from you.
    The grass is greener
    on the other side they say
    till I jump the fence
    and soon find out
    I’d surely lost my way.
    I’d rather sell my heart and soul
    than live an empty life,
    so I walk the line and thank the Lord
    for my loving darling wife.


  3. Place Holder

    There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed. Some forever, not for better, some have gone and some remain. – The Beatles, In My Life

    Was I ever twelve or eighteen
    or thirty-two or any rational number, for that matter?

    Did my thoughts get caught in a turnstile
    since I didn’t realize it’s now a fastpass and not a token?

    I think some might call my recollections
    A bit of reconstructionist history

    But I think my recall remains strong and true
    And I do remember it all, although maybe only through a polarizing filter.

    And speaking of…does time diminish or change those images
    Like photograph taken with a soft-focus lens?

    I look at all the places I’ve been
    And wonder how I found them without a roadmap

    But considering the fact that I could never
    Fold those maps back up like they were found originally

    I have to wonder if the creases
    Would all be the same if I went back again.

    • Great choice of song and sentiment. The Beatles tribute group I worked with performed it in a show we did on the night of the day we buried Dad. The “John” dedicated it to “Walt Sr.” If you’ve never seen a grown Ed Sullivan cry, that would have been the night. It wasn’t pretty, but it was touching.

  4. I’m a fool to want you…Billie Holiday

    The very thought of you
    makes my heart sing
    You drive me crazy
    Fly me to the moon
    I’m not in love
    it’s just a silly phase
    I’m goin’ through
    oh you’l wait a long time for me

  5. If you leave me now
    you’ll take away the biggest
    part of me
    How can I miss you
    if you wont go away?
    You’re just a three dollar bill
    You’ve got a cute way of talkin’
    You go to my head
    You must remember this
    a kiss is just a kiss
    I’m a fool to want you
    So go now go.. walk out the door
    I will survive
    As time goes by

    • Leave it to Rall not to be able to choose just one song. chuckles.
      I like this playlist best, especially the 3dollar/cute way/go to my head series.

  6. I’m a little teapot
    short and stout
    Put your arms around me
    honey,hold me tight
    Some day my prince will come
    Please don’t eat the daisies
    By the light of the silvery moon
    She loves you yeah yeah yeah
    I’m goin’ to rock with you
    all night
    In an octopus garden in the shade
    How how howzat?…Sherbert

  7. Original Song by Ray Stevens

    Everything is Beautiful

    Open up your eyes to see the pleasantries surrounding you.
    All around the Grace is evident.
    Clearly you will see the wondrous glories that abound.
    The beauty everywhere is heaven sent.

    Everything brings spectacle in its own way.
    Live to see the glory in your mind.
    Let your eyes find beauty in all things everywhere.
    Seek an inner peace and you shall find.

    Glory all around you can be seen thru open hearts.
    Grace is scattered ‘round along the way.
    Beauty in your soul will shine bright light upon your face.
    Everything is beautiful today.

    By Michael Grove

  8. trying some new formatting tricks…bear with me…


    …me softly,
    for the words you whisper
    (scream, shout, spit)
    will speak to me
    for many years to come,
    define me
    until I wake up fully enough
    to feel my own edges
    trace my own song.

    scars are souvenirs
    you never lose,
    the past is never far
    and some phrases
    are still tattooed on my heart
    though I forever try to
    etch them out
    scratch in
    finer, less fragile findings
    invite hope to
    hide beside me
    maybe for awhile
    …I won’t tell no one.

    – GooGoo Dolls, “Name”

  9. (Inspiration from: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella – My Own Little Corner)

    When Clouds Fail

    On the wings of my fancy
    I can fly anywhere
    and the world will
    open its arms to me.

    In my dreams I am floating
    though the gossamer clouds
    and the bird’s wings
    flutter against my own.

    My gauzy ribbons flowing
    have braided as I twirl
    and I cry out
    frightened as I fall down.

    ‘Cause failing clouds can’t hold me
    as I tumble to earth
    and the bird’s squawks
    keep ringing within my ear.

    I’m hoping you will catch me
    if I die in my sleep.
    Will you hold me
    more tenderly than soft clouds?

    • “In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be.” I love Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.” One of my favorite love songs is “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful.” Thanks for the reminder, Patricia!


  10. “He Stood and Laughed a While At His Reflection”

    Years passed,
    seconds ticked on a clock.
    Never pausing to stop.
    Never savoring the swish
    of the leaves in a cool breeze.
    Never wading in the water,
    river flowing around his feet.
    Rushing through life
    always looking forward,
    seeing only the destination.
    Until he stopped.
    No place to look but the clock;
    seconds lingered, felt like days.
    No visitors arrived,
    no help to ease his pain.
    Alone in the sterile room
    he walked to the mirror,
    it reflected a stranger and
    he couldn’t help but laugh
    if only to suppress the tears
    from wasted, hurried, lonely years.

    from “Carry Me Carrie” by Dr. Hook (Shel Silverstein is credited with writing the lyrics)

  11. There’s A Fire Starting in My Heart

    I can’t control the burn,
    the desire to touch
    as I learn.

    Creating from my soul,
    putting the fire on paper
    as I dig through the dust bowl.

    As the images are born
    from my mind to the paper
    I fear your scorn.

    Encourage me,
    praise me,
    there’s a fire starting
    in my soul.

    Inspired by “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele

  12. Crumbs

    I push these crumbs
    In circles on the wood
    Listening, but not to you

    I chase them slowly, helpless,
    Watching recollection dance
    Like helium and disappear.

    The past is stingy with the truth, I know.
    And often crumbs is all we have
    To figure out the world.

    Responding to “Crumbs” by Jonatha Brooke. The first lines are: “I can see by the way you’re pushing crumbs around the table that you’re not listening to me.”

  13. You May Say I’m a Dreamer

    In a perfect world…
    …happiness would find you.
    …living would take a lifetime.
    …people would know the difference between cost and worth.
    …you wouldn’t die to see heaven.
    …children would grow where love is sown.
    …battles would not be waged to ensure peace,
    … the term “brother” or “sister” would not denote relativity.
    …dreamers would live their visions.
    It’s easy…in a perfect world.

    John Lennon’s “Imagine”

  14. I Can’t Think of a Thing at All

    Oh, it’s happened again.
    I stare off into space.
    My muse has disappeared
    without leaving a trace.
    They say it happens to everyone,
    writers block will fall.
    But what an awful feeling
    when thoughts begin to stall.
    Oh me , oh my
    I can’t think of a thing at all.

    Gone are the metaphors,
    the passion and the angst.
    That temperamental muse,
    she’s up to her pranks.
    Ideas bounce away
    like a red rubber ball.
    My poetry writing
    has hit a brick wall.
    Oh me, oh my
    I can’t think of a thing at all.

  15. Well, “I want to die with you Wendy in the street tonight in an everlasting kiss” from Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen just didn’t seem to work for me on this one. Although is it truly my favorite line from a song; so much emotion! Nevertheless, I moved on to another favorite:

    I CAN SMILE AT THE OLD DAYS (I was beautiful then)
    Memory – Andrew Lloyd Weber

    Plaid pants and printed shirts
    are we from the local zoo?
    No, we’re just posing for our class photo
    and it’s nineteen seventy two!

    • HAHA! I can SO relate! Thanks for the chuckles this morning, Kelly.

      And since you mentioned great lovers lines, my favorite is this stanza:

      “You go to my head with a smile that makes my temperature rise; like a summer with a thousand Julys; you intoxicate my soul with your eyes.”



      P.S. The above lyrics are from “You Go to My Head” (Coots and Gillespie, 1938). Billie Holliday and Judy Garland both sang popular versions of it. LOVE it.

      • …Though I’m certain that this heart of mine
        hasn’t a chance, in this crazy romance…
        you go to my head.

        Billie’s version is my fave. As to the poem:

        Kelly, I laughed out loud at this! I remember our class of ’74. Half the guys were already doing combovers!! Amy

  16. Next week’s workshop poem is a personals ad. I need to get the rust off before I try that. Poetic Bloomings wants songs….
    “When you came in the air went out..”

    Wanted: compatible lifeform; sense of humor, a must.
    Objective: companionship, conversation, long haul tripping through the tulips (slaking, slaking, slaking)

    Are you a wealthy fellow-sort-of-thing who needs
    a medium, a message, or a good massage? Call me.

    Do you like short walks on a level surface? Air conditioned spaces, jazz and bluegrass, giving presents? Scareing pigeons off the roof? Call me.

    Do you mind putting things on upper shelves, and having cat hair on your clothes? Do you do windows? Like to eat out? Hello, I’m your woman, call me.

    Can you oooh over a photo of a rock? listen to a string of lines of lumpy poem, say brava and not expect a listen in return? We’re kindred souls.

    Would you like driving aimless, while I sing with the radio?
    When I forget the words, can you hum puns?

    If you have tried the best already maybe you
    could use a new perspective.
    So how about it?
    Call me.

    Theme from the TV show, True Blood
    “Bad Things”
    (I want to do bad things with you)

  17. Here Comes The Sun

    Clouds will part and skies will open up to let in light.
    Storms have passed beyond the horizon.
    With each sunrise days are getting brighter.
    Skies are clearing now here comes the sun.

    The moonlight fades to orangish hues.
    Here comes the sun, bring forth the light.
    Daylight lies ahead and love surrounds you.
    Little darling now see that it’s alright.

    By Michael Grove
    Original song by George Harrison performed by The Beatles

  18. Snowfall on the Yorkshire Dales in June

    Little girl dreams included today
    aisles scented with sprays of roses,
    pink satin ribbons in the foyer
    leading the bride the entire way
    as a blizzard blows cold from the north.
    Only the bold hazard this snow, six
    maybe seven guests weather the storm,
    friends and family are witnesses,
    true vows, true love and true blissfulness,
    and she wishes they had just eloped.

    It’s a Good Day for a White Wedding

  19. “But I still hear your ghost in these old Punk Rock Clubs.”

    More than once I have been told
    about my ghost,
    have heard mike Maher. spoken about in the past tense –
    that mike Maher. who got so drunk on Tequila
    at that concert at the Croc Rock that he got tangled in the seat belt –
    despite being quite alive,
    at least I think so.
    How great it was to drink Tequila
    until you could almost speak Spanish!
    No matter how drunk he got,
    that version of me never understood the big fuss over Whitman.
    That me used to write dark poems
    about the beckoning of the unknown
    and the relative deepness of rain puddles.
    Most definitions of the word ghost will disagree,
    but that one in the picture book with Jesus in blue jeans
    grilling cheeseburgers and smoking a cigar
    would probably tell you it’s possible
    to have even more than one ghost without a physical death.
    One of his motives was be heard by everyone,
    the other was to be seen by no one.

    • Mike, this is brilliant. We ALL have ghosts, although shy folk consider them doppelgangers. The part about Jesus in jeans grilling burgers? Laughing out loud, also the drinking tequila ’til you could almost speak Spanish. Talk about shades of my own past, Mike, this was a rollicking good time. (So were we, apparently!)

  20. This is my Fathers World

    This is my fathers world.
    His wife and family.
    His friends, his faith, his caring,
    his truth and honesty.

    This is my fathers world.
    His workshop and his tools,
    his apron and his shapeless mass,
    his blessed book of rules.

    This is my fathers world.
    His passions and his pride,
    his joy, his light, his giving,
    his arms are open wide.

    This is my fathers world
    His kindness and his love,
    his strength and teachings always
    help me rise above.

    By Michael Grove

  21. Believe it or not, this was written for the Sunday Whirl from a wordle, but the title is right “in tune” with your prompt! It’s also on my blog – here’s the link:

    And here’s the poem!

    I Heard The News Today, Oh Boy

    I note, fascinated, that
    TV prophets cheerfully tender
    the day’s torments,
    as though yesterday left no scars,
    no rusty bloodstains on the streets
    of Kabul.

    The sun has been swept under
    a cement cloud.

    Why chance a morning walk
    when crawling will do?

    © 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

    • Cool! Enjoined prompts have happened more than once out here. How fun is that!

      “The sun has been swept under a cement cloud.” Wow…


  22. One more, just for this site:

    It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
    (theme from “Misterrogers”)

    Nan is outside watering pots of basil
    she shares with our whole building.
    Her boyfriend planted the sunflowers
    that gaze right back at me as I write this.

    Mohammed is heading out for school
    on the new bike his cousin gave him.
    He’s studying to be an engineer,
    and his uncle is ready to take him on board.

    Ra’jel came by and dropped off two dishes…
    Ethiopian cooking, so hot it will peel the skin
    off your tongue, but so good with a cold beer.
    And the warm, sticky bread, like heaven.

    Honey! You’re home early. I already got the mail,
    just junk, but why do folks leave most of theirs
    on the floor of the mail room?
    (“Because they know you’ll clean it up.”)

    We’ll have a swim in the complex’s pool
    before cooking out on the patio…
    but we’ll wait awhile, because right now
    Demond and Yasir are going at it with squirt guns.

    I love this building. It’s like the United Nations
    except that everyone gets along pretty well,
    and when we don’t get along, we wait a spell
    for the hurt to heal… and try again.

    © 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

  23. Oh Wow! Sheer magnificence all! I have to agree with Marie (who happens to agree with me on occasion!), I love this place we are all creating! Bloom on!

  24. Teach Your Children

    This code that we must live by,
    to be true to ourselves,
    to live with compassion
    and fill this life with passion
    for the things we do that make us
    vibrant and vital; this tidal wave
    that will save our souls. An S.O.S.
    to all alerted. We will not be swayed;
    not be diverted from our charge.
    It is a large order to fill. but
    if we instill these qualities
    into our progeny, they will be
    on the road to a proud humanity.
    The world’s sanity will be dependant
    on their survival. Await their arrival,
    it will be a grand parade! Crack the code.
    Teach your children well.

  25. “The Baffled King Composing Hallelujah”

    Black scrawl eager to be worthy of the
    Loss of the page’s virtue, and the
    Limitlessness of that deafening
    Whiteness; so unnerving,

    Daunting. The curser’s blip, a
    Sonar, blinks, blinks, blinks,
    Searching for something,
    Anything, in the emptiness. A

    Lighthouse beacon calling the
    Words home to shore, to
    Breach the something
    Born of the nothingness.

  26. The Song in My Head

    I relinquish control
    to the song of the day,
    the song of the week,
    the ones I love,
    the ones that lurk
    in the back of my brain,
    just waiting for an invitation
    to spend the day
    playing around in my head,
    appearing without notice
    sometimes as a hum
    or almost a memory.
    My fingers sometimes twitch,
    itching to play the notes,
    or lyrics tease, playing
    their own game of hide
    and seek, of name that tune.
    Some recur, unbidden.
    Giving voice to my anxiety,
    the theme song
    to “My Three Sons”
    comes like a curse, setting
    my fingers snapping–right
    then left–of their own accord.
    Sometmies “El Paso” comes
    to call. The tune’s the same,
    some words replaced
    by those that we invented
    long ago, that Marty Robbins
    didn’t even know.

    Nancy P.

  27. Standing On The Corner

    I was standing on the corner of adulthood
    feeling like the King of the show
    there was so much I didn’t know

    I was standing on the corner of separation
    wondering where it all went wrong
    trying to find a brand new song

    I was standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona
    waiting for Miss Flatbed Ford
    we’d danced the very night before

    I was standing on the corner of release
    feeling like I’d found the way
    looking for a game to pay

    I was standing on the corner of Lafayette, state of Louisianne
    strolling to and from the bars
    my heart reaching for the stars

    I’ll be standing on the corner of death one day
    waiting for a kiss goodbye
    and still just wondering why

    from Take It Easy – the Eagles & That Was Your Mother – Paul Simon


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    record heat
    a long, hot summer
    calls for desperate measures
    antsy 5-year-old boys
    mom at wits’ end
    sends them in search of treasures

    the trio of boys
    head for their bikes
    superheroes minus their capes
    TV is muted
    apartment is empty
    viable for a mental escape

    moments later
    glancing out the door
    first a gasp and then a smile
    her three boys
    rode along in single file

    summer heat
    was to blame
    for what they decided to wear:
    helmets on heads
    pads on knees and elbows
    and favorite superhero underwear

    P. Wanken

  30. We’ve Got to Make a Decision: Leave Tonight, or Live and Die This Way

    I always thought I could be someone,
    a voice that fills the night with
    all the right rythyms and words.
    Never to aspire to the bottle like
    my old man and others; uncles
    and brothers. That’s the way it is.
    Driving to the limits of each village
    and town down the road
    and in the dump for our status.
    We had harmony at one time,
    but the rhyme had gone most sour.
    There is power in knowing
    when the beaten horse is bereft of vitality.
    Save your energy and your breath.
    A solution is within. Walk away,
    or live and die this way.

    From Tracey Chapman’s “Fast Car”

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