Our Saturday chore wouldn’t be complete without choosing the blooms to grace our “Vase” for all to appreciate. We continue to blossom and bloom, and in greater numbers and it is a testament to the poets who contribute weekly with their worded finery. Marie and I are very pleased with your work and very excited to promote all that you do. Continued success to this growing “family”.

Marie’s Bloom:

For this week’s pick, I chose a new voice. Ellie’s “Amber” is quietly descriptive; engagingly hopeful. I find her “… but nothing lasts, not even endings” enchanting. Welcome, Ellie. I hope to hear more from you.

AMBER  by Ellie

amber follows gold
and antecedes the days when blue and gray
chase one another
gray, when it wins,
is long, but nothing lasts,
not even endings.

Walt’s Bloom:

When I found this photo for the prompt, I had a lot of emotions flood my thinking. The warmth of the coloring, the mystery of the hazy background. There is a sadness there; and I can see a lover’s rendezvous. Many things happening here. But it wasn’t until I read this poem that I saw the exasperation in this simple scene. My bloom put that new emotion into my head and it is because of this new perspective that I had chosen to single it out. My pick is by Patricia A. Hawkenson, in her “DEEP IN THE HOUSE”.

DEEP IN THE HOUSE by Patricia A. Hawkenson

My curtains are drawn shut.

I have condemned myself
to endless puttering
dusting my brick-a-brac,
the miscellaneous objects,
furniture and curios
I raked up over the years.

Till coffee brews
to dispel my fog
allowing me to finally see
where what I value
has been shit upon.

So I scrub it all
within an inch of its life
for it is all I have
and if God is willing,
it will shine again.

But God help me
for my arms are tired.

Great job on this prompt poets, and congratulations to Ellie and Patricia, our “Beautiful Blooms”.

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    • We are glad to have you, Ellie! Are you on Facebook? If so, please let us know how to look you up. You may e-mail us at We would also love to add your website to our “Daisy Chain,” if you desire.


  1. You both contribute to our success. We have you and all our contributing poets to thank for it. Continued success to you all!

  2. I read Patricia’s in the comment section earlier and loved it instantly!

    Ellie’s poem is new to me but pretty. I got a lot of images with this one.

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