IN-FORM POET: Poesia di Tema

Poesia di Tema
Original poetic form by Marie Elena Good

I’ve titled my new form “Poesia di Tema,” which is Italian for “Themed Poetry.”

Elements of the form:

1. Title (required).
2. Rhyme is not required, but may be used.
3. All lines must be the same number of syllables (maximum of 12 syllables per line), and single-spaced.
4. Following a one-line space at the end of the poem, state the theme of the poem.
5. The theme and title lines must equal the same number of syllables per poetic line.
6. Poems may be solemn or humorous.
7. The ultimate Poesia di Tema includes an element of surprise or lesson in the theme.

Marie’s Example (8-syllable count)

The Pretty Mighty Spider Web

How is it that this teensy bug
with eight legs and an ugly mug
can build a home of wispy strand
that’s beautiful, and so well planned
that gale-force winds can whip through town,
but even they can’t knock it down?

Not All That’s Dainty is Feeble

Walt’s Feeble Attempt:


A beacon, horizon’s light
shines bright in the cool, dark night.
Ships pass, their fog horns alert,
announcing their position.
The waves dance lightly, the sands
shifting with every cycle.

The night offers her comfort.