This is the new and we hope, improved POETIC BLOOMINGS at WordPress.com. The need to change coincided with the increase in membership and the apparent difficulties some of our “Gardeners” were having with their posts. We will try to stay true to the spirit of the original site which we have transferred over from the Blogspot header.


We will continue to offer the features with which you have become familiar:

SUNDAY – will be the day the seed (prompt) for your bloom (poem) will be planted.

WEDNESDAY – will alternate with both of our very popular offerings. IN-FORM POET will introduce you to a different poetic form. WEB WEDNESDAY we will explore the blog/website/work of one of our poets chosen by me and Marie to discuss their insight on the poetic process and an interview to get to know our poets a bit better.

SATURDAY – Marie and I will select what we call “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS,” our favorite poems of the week.

The DAISY CHAIN and BOOK SHELF pages are fully functional, so be sure you are included in these. Send an e-mail to poeticbloomings@yahoo.com  to update us on your achievements.

Please explore our new site and make yourself at home. Your garden awaits you!

The POETIC BLOOMINGS in the banner is the link back to the home page.


This is your new home for great poetry. The name remains the same.

25 thoughts on “OH, HOW WE’VE GROWN!

  1. LOVE the new site…bravo!!

    Congratulations on the re-launch of your site on WordPress. I have loved WP and think you will, too.

    I’m so grateful to be a part of the garden.


  2. Hey, does anyone know how to make it so comments to not have to wait for moderation? It would be great if they could post immediately, but I sure don’t see how to set it to do so.

    And thanks, Paula and Elizabeth! Walt did a great job!

    Marie Elena

    • I think its been fixed. We’ll have a few bugs to still work out, but it will be better all around.

    • On WordPress, new visitors’ first comments go into moderation and after that they are posted automatically. On occasions, there have been malicious comments, fortunately held up for administrator’s approval. But it’s only for first timers, so by your next post, all the regulars will go straight in.

      I am thrilled to see you on WP: it makes responding so much easier, plus the replies are nested, which makes it more logical to follow a thread of answers. Now I’m off to look at the new prompt…

  3. Congratulations on your new ‘improved’ site! I hope it better meets your needs. I am glad you kept a similar banner as it helps to feel like we are all in the same place. Thank you for keeping my book on your Book Shelf and a link to my blog. It looks like you have a LOT of new categories to explore. Thanks for your efforts! 🙂

  4. Wow- this must have taken a lot of work… it looks beautiful! I hope you’re happier with wordpress. I’ve been thinking about doing the same. Did you have to copy every post, or was there an easier way?

    • Laurie, wordpress lets you import your posts from any other site. In addition, blogger gives you an export file that makes it a whole lot easier to get everything (posts, comments, categories) transferred elsewhere.

      I’m actually working on the same thing right now… transferring one of my blogs from blogger to wordpress for a more polished look and more available options.

      • Yes Laurie, as EJ stated, the import works like a charm. It saves all your categories, links and archives every thing as if we were here all along. I had just completed my blog’s transfer from blogspot to wordpress. I love the feel of it better than before. Watch for Across the Lake, Eerily to make a move soon.

        If you want an idea of what it does check out:


        and then see the imporovement with


        Same stuff, but the look changes the dynamic.

        While you’re at the latter, check out the new feature, “In a Guest Poet’s Eyes”. I am highlighting Khara House’s work.

      • Thanks, Elizabeth and Walt. It’s nice to know it’s not that difficult. (Of course, I’d probably mess it up).

        Someone told me we should all make hard copies of our blogs anyway because apparently they stand a chance of getting lost in the future. How would we do that?

  5. Thanks so much, y’all! Just for the record, Walt did all the work himself. I just sit over here on the other side of the lake and give him a hard time. It’s my job. And I love it. 😉

  6. *wavewavewave*

    So, I register a wordpress account so that I can comment without being a “guest,” and “ColoradoKate” is already taken! Hmph. And I now have a blank blog named “noblogthxverymuch.”

    It is very pretty here, though…

  7. Heehee! *wavewavewave* Howdy KatiePie! “noblogthxverymuch!” LOL!! I know, I know … pain in the neck, eh? But thanks for the “pretty” comment!

  8. Well, perhaps I might actually start a blog now… some day. I suppose I’d have to rename it, then, eh?

    Anyhow, I was able to add PoeticBloomings2 to my Blogger dashboard (list of blogs I follow), so that’s a nice thing. I was afraid they wouldn’t be compatible, but–yay!

  9. LOVE your changes to the site, and glad to be a part of the fun. Marie Elena, thank you so much for picking out my poem… and I must confess to a typo. It should be “yoke of despair.” Not “yolk of despair,” as in runny eggs (red face). But I was so psyched that you chose that poem – it means a lot to me. Love you guys! Amy

    Here’s my poem, also on my blog at:

    A New Day

    Eyes closed, sensing first
    the warm salt air of San Juan

    The scent of jasmine potpourri
    now fills my head pleasurably, sensually

    A salamander dink, dinks her way
    up the white plaster bedroom wall

    I smile
    Baby’s still asleep

    Eyes open, I am reminded I had
    the whole bed to myself last night
    The room is lacquered that antiseptic white
    that screams: RENTAL

    A crystal hung in the window
    catches a sunbeam and pitches it
    from ceiling to mirror and onto my bare toes,
    and I laugh out loud.

    Then I burst into tears.

    It’s been years since I woke up smiling,
    even though mornings have always
    done their best to cheer me up.

    Through the tears, I manage a smile –
    baby opens the door, climbs on the bed,
    pats the vacant pillow and looks at me
    like a curly-haired question mark.

    “Daddy’s gone for a while, but
    we’re gonna be fine, mi nena.”
    I take her in my arms and we snuggle on the big bed.

    © Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

    • A great piece Amy. Is this the new prompt? I can paste it there if you want, or repost yourself on Prompt #15. Don’t want anyone to miss this one. Walt.

      • This poem is definitely tagged on Amy’s page as “poetic bloomings – new beginnings prompt” — perhaps she didn’t go far enough to find the park bench?? 🙂

    • By jove, I think she’s got it! Now … teach me? 😉
      It’s the spacing that I can’t figure out.

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