DISCUSSION: There’s A Place For Us

It seems that POETIC BLOOMINGS has found a niche in this poetic world. We’ve claimed our place.

What is your place? Where do you write? What do you need at hand to perform well? Is there an inspiration nearby to entice your mastery? Is your writing place “portable” or stationary? Tell us about your place.


We have been thinking of a slogan or catch phrase for POETIC BLOOMINGS. Through my fascination with the Beatles, and John Lennon in particular, I tend to lean towards his thematic “Power to the People” for my inspiration. I’m liking, “Poem to the People”! What do you think? Do you have any ideas in this vein? Let us know.

27 thoughts on “DISCUSSION: There’s A Place For Us

  1. I write anywhere, everywhere, anytime, all the time. I have my laptop with me most times. I bring it to my office and set it up next to my work computers so I can write while I work. Don't worry, I am not hourly or salary so I'm not stealing time from my employer. When I'm mobile, I have assorted notepads in my car and carry a small one in my pocket wherever I go. I also have a small digital voice recorder that I carry with me most times to use when I'm driving. It has helped me to keep many a good thought from fleeting to nowheresville. I like sitting in bed with the laptop either first AM or late at night and cranking them out.

  2. P.S. – I wrote a few lines last night at the Paul McCartney concert that I'll work up into something after I catch a nap after work. Not much sleep last night. I am also very inspired by the beatles and do believe that my natural instincts for Rhyme, meter and timing come from being weened on the Beatles. When I was 4 in 1964 I had a plastic guitar, and used to put a washcloth on my head for bangs and sing, "She Loves You, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!"

  3. I was eight, and a left-handed bastard…I mean bassist. I already had the bowl cut so I thought I WAS Macca. I switched to John when the entire run of Wood Street played left-handed. Great memory Michael!

  4. Doesn't matter too much where I write, but there can't be music playing. or television. way too easily distracted for that. Usually write in bed, or here in the recliner.

  5. I write best near water. Which is unfortunate, since I live in the desert. Silly mermaid muse. Sometimes I can coax her out onto dry land, though…with a comfy chair and a great notebook and pen. Or a great latte and my laptop, Whimsy Gizmo. I also write best with a deadline. Also unfortunate, as I am a Pro Crastinator of the highest order. It's actually a wonder I ever get anything written…

  6. I'm a water person too! But alas, another desert dweller… All my best thoughts come in the bath, so my dream home comes complete with a write on shower wall. I'm a found poetry kind of gal and my purse and coat pockets are always full of lines scribbled on gum wrappers, receipts, etc… I like to leave these sit a while, so I can be surprised when I do clean out my bag every few months…I do much better if someone is "making me write"…deadlines and prompts make me get it in gear…support is good too; its nice to find people notice that you haven't written a poem yet and need to get to postin!And if something doesn't get written in one sitting, it'll probably never get finished. I'm pretty good at starting things, but horrible at the follow through…

  7. I'm with the other ladies… can't have music, tv, friends chatting in the background. Even being outdoors distracts me. I end up staring into the trees or off towards the horizon and don't do any writing. So my best place is in the living room, with only minimal windows into the outdoors, with the laptop in my lap and no one else around. The only nearby inspiration is the oak tree outside my front window, which absolutely thrills me when the sun glimmers like gold through its leaves. But there I go getting distracted again…

  8. As a mother of four, I like a little bakground noise. I usually write on my couch with my laptop; my children running around and interrupting me. Like Michael, I always carry a small notebook with me and write when the moment strikes or when I have a few minutes of free time. I like the idea of a tape recorder in the car. I have some of my best ideas when driving and I either jot notes down at a stop sign or as soon as I get to my destination.

  9. Great inroads to your creative minds so far! We all start on this journey heading in our own directions, but always end up somewhere together (be it a blog, poetry page, or seeing things through each others eyes and muse.Glad you came to play, Nikki. Walt

  10. My inspirations are fed by the loughs (lochs/lakes) where e'er I find them. I let my head be cluttered, but my desk clean. So far, it has been to my benefit. Thankfully, I still keep my wits at hand. I rely on memory heavily. Always near: notepads and post notes, dictionaries and gazetteers, and a photograph of my parents (God rest them). People look on me as if I am daft for writing to the sound of pipe music. A proud and noble tradition in the McIllwain clan.

  11. Writing is a very organic activity for me. I can wake from a dream with lines running through my head, or find myself composing as soon as my eyelids pop open. I write quite a bit in the car when I'm waiting, for whatever reason, and use a small notebook that never leaves my possession.At home, I tend to write in my office. I can have music, sound effects, or whatever performed sound going on. What I can't do is write while someone's in the house talking, or working outside my window and making noise. Much of the time I wear headphones to deaden extraneous sound. From those headphones I listen to everything from native music, Celtic strains or pipe, classical symphany, or any instrumental music. I don't want voice involved because that engages my mind elsewhere.Music allows my mind visions that can blend into the poem for additional meaning. I'm with Nikki, though. It's a one shot deal for me most of the time.

  12. It's the bench in our dining room for me. I swing my legs up and sit sideways with my back against one end of the bench, my notebook on my knees. Like many who have commented above, no music or other distractions, please. That's the hard part about summer, with the delight of kids everywhere all the time… Once something is drafted I drift to the computer to polish.

  13. We have a small, unassuming home, with a nice little office that has a big picture window. All my "aids" are right there, including a thank-God-somebody-came-up-with-THIS thesaurus, and rhyme book. I'm with Nikki … give me a deadline, or I'll never get anywhere. And quiet, please. Soft instrumental music is fine, but if there are lyrics? HA! I'll be singing along (silently or heaven-forbid outloud), and, again, never get anywhere.

  14. Most days my writing time doesn't come until the end of the day. So…it's on my bed with my laptop (never pen/paper, actually). I don't subscribe to TV and I generally will not have music playing. Just the whir of the computer and the purr of my cats for background noise. Though I carry a small notebook around, I rarely put anything in it…going by memory only. Almost always are my poems done in a single sitting. The exception is when I have something really bouncing around in my head that I need to get written down during my lunch hour. Those I usually have to come back to, to finish and post later. I will say that I find inspiration in so many places…like the water, or amidst the trees. I absolutely love the feel of "vastness," be it looking upon the ocean (or large enough lake), at the valley from up high or mountains in the distance, or even the night sky. I'm swallowed up in my smallness and my heart is filled with all that is outside of me. It is during times like that I'm actually unable to write anything…rather, I'm just filled with the inspiration for later.Thanks for the question to ponder!~Paula

  15. Some of the others have mentioned writing under the gun. If it weren't for prompts, I would write next to nothing. I love, love them. Especially the strange, prescriptive "one of this" + "one of that" + what does it smell (sound, move, etc) like prompts. and photos. I'm crazy for Flickr's interestingness pictures.

  16. I have to be EXTREMELY busy to be able to write worh a lick. Once I have little time to think, thoughts, lines, pages of dialog pop into my head. I don't alway get them down before the vaporize and leave me scratching my head. Always on computer with a laptop, netbook, desk computer and my alternate work (no internet access) computer mostly at my disposal. The where varies, but my home desktop (for when I'm serious) gets the most work. No chatter of television, although I don't seem to be affected by music (usually Beatles, classical, easy listening or Beatles). Three flash drives at the ready (one poetry, one fiction and one song lyric/musical composition). Poetry pretty much anytime of the day or night, fiction early evening and all my stage plays were written between 11 P.M. and 3 A.M. I guess my mind is just structured that way!

  17. Favourite place to write, weather permitting, it is the deck at the back of our house. It has an amazing seasonal view of trees and streets and sky. For a cloud walker like me, it is ideal. Nature inspires me to write, to dream and to ponder life. A couple of short poems that I wrote best convey the inspiration I find in view from the deck!CLOUD POEMS By Patricia Anne McGoldrickODE TO CLOUDS*Sitting on the back deckCoffee in handFeels like I am in MontanaOr maybe SaskatchewanThe cumulous clouds are rollingChanging their shapesSometimes there are camelsOr elephants or apesIn the big sky like MontanaOr prairie wispy dogs of Saskatchewan* Published in Verse Afire v.6 #2JUNE DAYSI could sit and watchCloudsAll dayFirst a “J”Then a bootIt morphed into a butterflyWhite and pristineTransformed into a llama Then galloped away.

  18. Prompt or no, it doesn't bother me.I can write with music on, even with lyrics but people talking or TV is different. I think the music with the words makes it more acceptable to my strange mind.I write anywhere I can, though most places aren't ideal conditions. The desktop computer I share with my husband is about the best I can get. Though, I would love a very basic word processor I can take on the go, without it being a laptop.Like most of you, I carry a notebook everywhere. My husband used to be so put off by writing straight from a dead sleep. He's better now. lol

  19. I write at my desk, which I've mentioned before on PA. It's Georgian, dark stained wood and highly polished with a leather inset top. It's well used; the knobs have indents made by fingers grasping them on the underside. That's where I write, whether it's emails, stories for my grandchildren, my cooking blog or poetry. I have several hardback, properly bound books with blank pages set about the house that I use for jotting down notes and concepts. I often wake-up in the middle of the night with ideas for poems. Unfortunately, I don't have the sense to write them down, and by morning I've forgotten them completely. I do my best writing early in the morning – no surprise because I am a morning person. There are very few items on my desk. A lamp, a mug filled with pens and pencils, and a coaster for my coffee cup. On the wall to my left is a lithographed 15th century Korean drawing of a house surrounded by kimchi jars. To my right is a wall of bookshelves. I work best with a bit of background noise.

  20. I would love to have a special place to write. As a busy, working mom/wife, it seems like a wonderful luxury. I keep a notebook in my purse at all times, but I can write as easily on the computer. In a pinch, I type out lines on my phone.I agree with the others, I canNOT have music. As a musician, I don't know how to tune it out, although I have no problem tuning out the tv or the noise produced by my kids.

  21. Miskmask, your desk sounds amazing. We have something in common. Your lithograph house is surrounded by kimchi,and my house often smells like kimchi. 🙂

  22. I enjoyed everyone's responses. I'm in a corner of the main room (I live in a small house, too). My three kids come in and out, listen to music and watch TV (although I do better in silence)… it can also be very distracting in the summer for me. There's a small leak under the window beside my desk that needs to be fixed b/c when it rains, I'm writing in puddles. Anything for the love of writing, right?

  23. What a wonderful topic (and the responses). I write anywhere, anywhen, pencil, pen, laptop (mostly in bed, night and early morning), with or without music, TV, chat going on. If devoid of inspiration, I need only go for a walk, with a notebook, and I'm away. Trains and airports do it for me as well.I have a workroom, where I quilt and write on the PC. This lovely room is ALWAYS a shambles – If I tidy up, I can't find anything.Elsewhere, the house must be neat and clean before I start.Regarding Walt's Beatles theme idea: how about "All you need is Poets"

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