I blame the heat.

Rants and raves abound on other “private” sites about poetry. Read private as “closed group” of poets who have become acquainted on certain sites to develop this craft we
propose. Where claimed as supportive and nurturing, there appears to be a bit less of that out there.

There is a certain process for which we all as poets strive. Developing and instructive, yes, supportive and sharing. We all want that I’m sure. And though finding success through recognition or possible publication is the end game, it should not over-ride the process.

The truth is, we are poetry sites. We are not truly a “garden”, or a “street” or bloody brothel, although it’s cute to think so simplistically. As our masthead says, “Poetic Bloomings is a blog to nurture the poetic spirit in a supportive and inspired way. All poets are welcome to add their “poetic blooms” … bring the beauty of the written word to the world, one expressive bouquet at a time.” And so we will remain.

We propose poetry. It was mentioned early on in the planning of this site for a POSSIBLE anthology if the support and commitment were there. There are no promises offered here. We are “Unconditional Poetry” in a pleasant setting without any one voice dominating the conversation. Every voice is important. HOWEVER, rancor and vitriol are not AND will not be tolerated here. There is an editorial policy in place here that has never needed to be used and I hope it remains so. As Marie Elena and I have stated, we are here to suport and promote you the poets who have chosen to post to the prompts at Poetic Bloomings or wish to follow their development.

All poets here know that as fact and I’m sure appreciate that. So if you need reminding, click the WELCOME and re-read our introduction. We’re all gifted poets. That is our badge of honor. Enjoy the process. The payoff is the exposure to your and other poets finery.

ON A SOMEWHAT PERSONAL NOTE: Marie Elena is the most caring, nurturing and supportive person I’ve never met. But the friendship that has evolved from our association with poetry is very strong. That’s all we’ve ever needed to say about it. You are all aware of her manner and temperament. So take any criticism of her here or at any other blogs with a BIG grain of salt. One of the finest human beings and poets I’ve ever had the honor to share not one, but two blogs with. And that loyalty extends to each poet here with the above idea in mind.

That being said, we welcome you to post to the Week #13 prompt for a Goal-oriented poem.

This Wednesday will offer In-Form Poet with a new poetry form highlighted.

Saturday, we present our “Beautiful Blooms” selections for the Goal Poems.

As always, a new “Seed” will be planted every Sunday. Poem to the People!


13 thoughts on “PROCESS VS. PAYOFF

  1. Goodness. Just back from 3 glorious weeks away, to find that ALL of my poetic cheese has been moved…and some has apparently gotten quite stinky. Have only seen the very "gist" of the torrent (and torment) of rumblings on Facebook. My comment over at the "new" Poetic Asides is currently "awaiting moderation"…glad to see I'm still just ME, over here. And speaking of ME, Marie Elena…you are quite simply one of the kindest souls I know, and a heart-full poet of the highest order. All else is rubbish. My poetic heart is sad. 😦 de

  2. You know, when you start an endeavor, you really hope some things will never have to be straight-out said. There are so many lovely, talented people here in the "garden" it would be a shame for something negative to soil the beauty.When I do post here, I don't think about what is in it for me. I don't post much because of (I guess) feelings of inadequacy. Though I do read everyone's poems and they inspire me tremendously.I think it is a great thing you both did, making this space. Thank you, from one small sun with her plain yet pretty flowers.

  3. Walt, thanks for sharing that well-thought-out note with us. I know my participation has been sporadic, what with health issues and traveling over the past few months, but I always tune in to at least read. I enjoy what you and Marie have put together; it is well crafted and I hope it continues to be a peaceful place to share our poetic blooms with one another.Marie, know that you are admired and respected by many who have never met you. You are an encouragement and an inspiration to me personally and I look forward to the day, whether here on earth or later on in heaven, when I can meet you face to face.

  4. E.J., thanks for that. Rest assured, Marie is a very strong woman and is un-phased by all this rancor. But, I'd hate to have others spellbound into thinking otherwise. There is a beautiful soul that lives on the opposite shore of the Great Lake we share, and I have serious doubts that she has it in her to be other than that. Thank you to for your words about "Poetic Bloomings" which rose out of the last donnybrook at that "other" place. This space will remain peaceful. Editorial privilege not withstanding. Walt.

  5. I agree with Laurie. Where is the "like" button? I love this site. It is a relatively small group of friendly, supportive people and the prompts are wonderful. I enjoy being a part. I feel welcomed and inspired by both Walt and Marie Elena and think they are both kind-hearted, gentle souls.

  6. This thread is completely humbling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your kind and incredibly generous words. I don't know how to respond appropriately.And to the "one small sun with her plain yet pretty flowers," your voice is most definitely "worthy" and welcome here. Your description of yourself made me smile … wide.

  7. I have no idea what happened so, I suppose, I should not say anything but I simply cannot imagine anyone who would take issue with Marie Elena. Know that you are loved.

  8. Not being a Facebooker, I, too have missed whatever unpleasantness has been going on, and I'm grateful for that. There's enough nastiness in the world without the poetry community adding to it. Maria Elena and Walt, you have my support and admiration.

  9. I've been in a state of busy-life-induced writer's block, so I'm a bit late to the discussion. That being said, I've always felt nothing but kindness and support from Marie. You are a gracious host who also just happens to be a darn good person. Walt, that goes for you as well. 🙂

  10. I am clicking "like" as well. I fell in love with this site from the very first week. This was because Walt and Marie Elena were two of the poets I immediately noticed from April's PAD challenge, the prompts and examples put forward each week are inspiring and thoughtful, and the extras on the site, such as the highlight of a different poet every other week, contributes to the supportive nature of the site.

  11. Marie knows my feelings about her, before and after "the event." And Walt, I never cease to be amazed at the depth of your perception and ability to express it.I always feel privileged to come here and participate. I may only read sone weeks due to other commitments, but I always enjoy the offerings left behind the marvelous poets who come by to gift the readers.All will be well, I'm sure. So far I haven't noticed any poor poets, only insightful ones.

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