If you haven’t already, please read this week’s Web Wednesday interview with Paula Wanken posted below. The little forays into our poet’s minds have been insightful and encouraging and we appreciate your participation.

Our intent is to interview everyone who wishes to be heard and discovered. The first criteria we look at are your personal blogs. If you have a blog and do not see it highlighted in the “Daisy Chain” please send us an e-mail at poeticbloomings@yahoo.com. However, if you are currently not blogging, we are still interested in your poetic life. Send you contact information to the same address and tell us you would love to be interviewed. We need to be able to find you to honor you.

Also as always, we are about promoting your work. If you have a chapbook, book, short story or compilation you want us to know about and have it added to our “Book Shelf” give us a shout as well.

Our other features at the moment include (but will not be restricted to) In-Form Poet (every other Wednesday alternating with Web Wednesday), Beautiful Blooms highlights two favorite poems which we honor every Saturday. Our Sunday “Seed” is the prompt for the week. Help nurture it and let’s see what you “grow”.

All are welcome to the Poetic Bloomings garden. For further information check our “Welcome” link.


5 thoughts on “WEB WEDNESDAYS and BLOGS and such!

  1. I'm sure not the forum for this, but I noticed many familiar names from Poetic Asides on this site. The sudden transformation of the Poetic Asides blog is restricting me from accessing it. It says my e-mail address is already registered, although I have never gone through the process.Anyone else having that dilemma?

  2. Hi Dyson! No problem. Hopefully what little info I have will help. Writer's Digest has changed their format entirely. If you look at the top menu, you'll find "Editor Blogs." Poetic Asides is listed there. If you click on Poetic Asides, you'll find the posts. However, it seems to have gotten stuck at week 137 (if I remember correctly). I'm sure Robert will post some information for us. In the meantime, I registered (upper right side of the site), and was able to log in. Hope this helps!

  3. Many thanks Marie Elena!It wasn't allowing me to register to the Writer's Digest.com, but seems to allow comment. And yes, I have noticed the log to be about a month behind.

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