Phoenix Rising – Prompt #11

We’re picking ourselves off of the ash heap and restoring ourselves to prominence. Choose a moment you’ve experienced that had put you in a dour place, and write the poem as the first stanza. Then, take your last line and use that as your first line in the next stanza that holds your positive resolution. Use any style or form, but mirror the bad image with a good reflection. We’re seeking balance here; the yin/yang of our poetic chi.

Marie’s Week 11 poem:


All that remained was
a torn life and shattered dreams.
And then he entered.

And then he entered,
bonding fragments together,
stronger than before.

Stronger than before,
and ready to trust again,
confidence returned.

Confidence returned,
life was regained, and his love
was all that remained.

Walt’s resurgence:


Spotted and flecked,

a torso as canvas for

an artisan affliction.

A family’s predilection

hangs in haunting shadows.

Pre-cautionary; but scary all the same.

a lame excuse of invasive intrusion.

Pre-cancerous determination

charting a course to remove

as much as possible.

Remove as much as possible,

for the thoughts that preoccupy lie

by the wayside; you hide your fear

and adhere to life as usual.

The abuse is manageable

as long as there is a table

on which to operate. It is

never to late to pray;

“Hey Lord, don’t forget me!”

as sunbeams play across

your worry-wrinkled face.

They say you are never forgotten.

Be assured, you’ve gotten all

you’ll need to survive.

Just be glad you’re alive

28 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising – Prompt #11

  1. Heartaches and Mudslides"A sprinkling of rain wets the earth, baresoil eroded by wind, leaving fertile plantsripped and ruined. Dirt turns to mudas the rain thickens forcing a mudslide,washing away the rotting debris.Washing away the rotting debris,the rain subsides. Sunshine peaksout from behind gray cloudsilluminating fresh soil. A chance forfresh crops and new beginnings."Kissing Rock Bottom"It was never my target, normy intend goal. I did not meanto follow that colorless brick road.Winding upon itself, upon myselfuntil I was too entwined and disoriented to find my way. Lost, I stumbled.I crept along until my pursed lips gently met the one place I dared not go.I kissed rock bottom.I kissed rock bottomand I did not cry out in ecstasy.I did not yearn for its rigid peck. Rock bottom did not send tingles through every limb, making me beg foranother kiss. So I broke up with rock bottom after just onekiss."What Was Done"I couldn't stop my tears from flowing,I couldn't stop my sorrow from growing,I couldn't stop my mind from knowing,for what was done, there was no undoing.For what was done, there was no undoing, butI could stop my pain from flowing,I could stop my anger from growing,I could open my mind to knowing,for what was done, there was repairing.For what was done, there was repairing.we could keep communication flowing,we could keep forgiveness forever growing,we could change from knowing to understanding,for what was done, there was overcoming.

  2. In a world of twisted logic, I thoughtperhaps my words might make a differencefor should we not help others going throughthe same things? The poem spoke to me, told me to share my past difficulties through buzzwords; the depression, the skewed perception,the self-hatred perpetuated with drowning dependence on food, drink, men. To get thatlow and rise above; why resist my instinct?To get that low and rise above; why resist my instinct? It’s not a crazy whim or hiccup,it’s the hope-filled promise that others toocan make it through the strong river currents of life. At times I cry; peeling away those thick layers of onion can be emotional. I once fluttered through tough times with a smile,but I carried a clutch under my belt. Now Ican walk through the pain, meet my HigherPower galloping through peaceful silence andtelling me to write down in words who I am.

  3. LET HIS ADAMANT NO REMAIN SOto overindulgein cloying perfumeswill not hotwirestalled romances.stalled romancesare imperviousto even splendid scentsno matter how matter how enticinglife is out theresplintered heartscare little of little of jovialty.ignore the facadeof scent and physical allure.let his adamant no remain so.let his adamant no remain don’t need to beg for love.grieve and then move on.a truer love will find you.a truer love will find youthe answer to his nightly prayers.he will need no perfumesto reach you at the right reach you at the right moment…true love is like comes to sudden lightonce your heart is whole again.once your heart is whole againpurer love in the whiffing glassreflects a sweet honesty:two lovers mutually merciful. #

  4. THE PRODIGAL’S POEMAwhim,twisted logic,and galloping offinto the world I flee,unable to resist, thoughts filled with lies; until:“then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”fluttered into my memory, as if by instinct.My mind begins to buzzand a riverof lovefloodsme.2011-07-10P. WankenWhile I believe the theme of the poem fits the "phoenix rising" prompt, I didn’t follow your direction to have the last line of the first stanza be the first line of the next stanza. This poem wanted to be a Fibonacci. And a Fibonacci wouldn’t have two lines with the same number of words. Instead, the longest line is a bit of a bridge between the “dour place” and the “resolution.”~Paula

  5. Best FriendEverybody needs to have a good best friend.Someone who’s gonna be there ‘till the end.Someone who’ll always take your call.The one who truly knows it all.The one who truly knows it all.Will pick you up if you should fall.Won’t ever break when if you should bend.Your one and only true best friend.By Michael Grove

  6. You WanderedYou wandered down the dusty dirty road. And you wound up on the wrong end of a gun.Those knives were pulled and thrust into your belly just until,the day you turned and headed toward the Sun.The day you turned and headed toward the Sun.The world got so much brighter then, it seams.The heavens opened up again and love was all you’re living all your passions and your dreams.By Michael Grove

  7. 2 small corrections, In "Best Friend"the 3rd line in the 2nd stanza should read:Won’t ever break even if you should bend.In "You Wandered" the last word in the 2nd line, 2nd Stanza should be seems.I need to slow down for just about a minute… sorry for the errors.

  8. Oops, did I break the rules, posting a link to mine? I see that everyone's put their poems here. Rejection by a long-term loverdevastating when it comespaves the way for freedom,a freedom which in time discoversin me a taste for solitudeand being master of my fate,a fate which starts to blossomwith new-found skills and interests,paves the way to reject old lovers.Rather than repeating lines, I chose to use just the key words, and adapt them, to keep the flow in the resolution.

  9. So Much Is Gone, So Much Is NewIt was easy to see the end from where we were standing in the snow.After the explosion collapsed the garage,the rest of the house was in flamesbefore another heavily borrowed breath from January.I asked for the house to be empty,thought briefly about Canada.How could this happen?A plowed blacktop leading to an untouched ice rink sitting understudy for the absent cross street.I put my knees in the snowand sat on my ankles,paralyzed with fear, mesmerized by flames dancing a home to deathWhat had been a dim nightwas now an ablaze sobering experience.An ablaze sobering experience which has now carried into summer.So much is gonebut so much has been built in its place.New foundations are already down,solid ones,ones with strong legs, sturdy convictions. Gone is the snow, even the snow not melted by the fire. Gone is the numbnessbut also gone is the desire for the numbness.New is appreciation,new is faith in whatever kept everyone safe that night,new is gratitude.New is the invisibility of the end,the earth between your toes.

  10. Two years It came unannounced,This temporary madness,Whipped down out of dark green skies.How long the vast tempest ragedI could not begin to say.I could not begin to say,Any more, what turned the wind.But just as quicklyWhen I had given up hopeThe great stillness fell.

  11. Red WinesMany are rather fond of Shiraz,although a good Pinot Noiris precious at times.Merlot will always do.There are those who prefer Malbecor Cabernet Sauvignonalthough in the minority.Although in the minority,one still has to wonder whatthe world would be likeif all red wines wereconsecratedat the wineryand knowingly consumed.By Michael Grove

  12. Up On A PedestalA hungry tiger without a meal.The messenger missed the call.A vision lost was once so real.He places her up on a pedestal.He places her up on a pedestal.Her head now has his heart to steal.The purple curtain shall tear and fall.An ivory platform to cold to feel.An ivory platform to cold to feel.The juggler drops his bowling pin.A peasant’s begging for a meal.A joyful song can now begin.A joyful song can now begin.The mystic breaks her crystal ball.The bird of paradise flies in.He places her up on a pedestal.By Michael Grove

  13. Viv, no rules broken here. You may post either here, or to your site. Either is acceptable, and certainly welcome!Welcome, Dyson! Good having you join us!

  14. Healed(A Fibonacci) He endured much conflict.Alienatedstill by his hearts greatest desire.He faced the fear with honesty and humility.He faced the fear with honesty and humility.So he was able to move on.Freed from his own bond.Instantlyhe washealed.By Michael Grove

  15. Crazy OwlFeathers singedBurnt by hot coalsIntoxicated by smokeJust in timeShe soars like a phoenixFrom the ashesShe soars like a phoenixFrom the ashesspreading her wingsLooks down on the flamesand is overcome with a tideof griefShe had become attached to the burning embersShe wanted to return

  16. Michael: your red wine poem cracked me up – I read the last bit as one continuous sentence: "if all red wines wereconsecratedat the wineryand knowingly consumedby Michael Grove

  17. Ah, Marie and Walt–I know this is late and that can't be helped, but I did want to share it anyway. I finished it a few minutes ago. It began on Thurs. evening while I sat in the Eye doctor's office. Hope you enjoy it.The Darkness Is But the Light UnsparkedIt came as future’s thiefTo shatter plans well laidWith sight fractured and dimmedAll shelters’ walls closed in.All shelters’ walls closed inTo hold safe or smother,To cradle while sleep healsThe life bursting forth new.The life bursting forth newCame with strength to allowAdventures reign supremeNew sight prevailed in sounds.Ew sight prevailed in sounds,Made loud with time’s presenceTo mate with Earth’s own scents,Forming visions, blinding.Forming visions, blindingWith memory detailsTo bridge fractures’ wide gapsAnd paint world scenes with life.

  18. Sorry about the typo. I've been on the computer too long today. Taking a rest now.Have a great weekend and I'm waiting for your next prompt.Clauds

  19. Clauds, I'm always, always, ALWAYS pleased to hear your voice — timely or tardy. But, there is no "tardy" at PBs. If a rose blooms in December, we would not consider it tardy. We would consider it a blessing. Your inspired "Darkness is but the light unsparked" blessed me.

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