Phoenix Rising – Prompt #11

We’re picking ourselves off of the ash heap and restoring ourselves to prominence. Choose a moment you’ve experienced that had put you in a dour place, and write the poem as the first stanza. Then, take your last line and use that as your first line in the next stanza that holds your positive resolution. Use any style or form, but mirror the bad image with a good reflection. We’re seeking balance here; the yin/yang of our poetic chi.

Marie’s Week 11 poem:


All that remained was
a torn life and shattered dreams.
And then he entered.

And then he entered,
bonding fragments together,
stronger than before.

Stronger than before,
and ready to trust again,
confidence returned.

Confidence returned,
life was regained, and his love
was all that remained.

Walt’s resurgence:


Spotted and flecked,

a torso as canvas for

an artisan affliction.

A family’s predilection

hangs in haunting shadows.

Pre-cautionary; but scary all the same.

a lame excuse of invasive intrusion.

Pre-cancerous determination

charting a course to remove

as much as possible.

Remove as much as possible,

for the thoughts that preoccupy lie

by the wayside; you hide your fear

and adhere to life as usual.

The abuse is manageable

as long as there is a table

on which to operate. It is

never to late to pray;

“Hey Lord, don’t forget me!”

as sunbeams play across

your worry-wrinkled face.

They say you are never forgotten.

Be assured, you’ve gotten all

you’ll need to survive.

Just be glad you’re alive