POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.


As we return to terra firma, it has been a refreshing week of outta sight poetry here at POETIC BLOOMINGS. All of our amazing poets stretched their muses and imaginations and boldly went where few have gone before. In reading this week’s work, there was stellar work by our regular contributors, but the emergence of many new names and viewpoints has added greatly to our expressive excellence. Without further ado, here are Marie Elena’s and my Beautiful Blooms for Week #9.

In Marie Elena’s Orbit:

I have to wonder if there will ever be a week in which there is only one clear “pick” for me. Once again, I had a difficult time choosing only one … there were three out here that I could easily have highlighted. I finally decided on De Jackson’s “Celestial Notes to My Sometimes Self.”

This is classic De: A short piece dense with imagery, amusing phrasing, and excellent insight. Even if I read no further than the title, I’d be happy I didn’t miss out. Terrific work, as always, De. I read you.


It’s all clear
from up here.

So much doesn’t matter.
Feelings aren’t fact.
Spill your life out in ink, sweat, tears.
Just love. Especially yourself.

I’m writing it all in the stars.

Do you read me?

Walt’s telemetry:

We have all experienced the sensation of smallness; being a little minnow in the fishbowl of life. The beauty around us astounds us, and we feel inconsequential. The tendency is to just want to cut all ties and drift into the background.

This concept is beautifully described in this week’s piece by Jerry Walraven. Chev’s poem, “On Being Tethered in Space” is descriptive and imaginative, and gets my vote for a Beautiful Bloom…


The beauty of creation staggers me.

Unable to take in the enormity of space,
unable to touch down,
even on Mars (close enough to touch)
and taste Martian soil.

Or dance
with the Jovian moons.

This narrow focus
on human foibles
on one spec of cosmic dust.
There is no rising above.

So I close my eyes
and cut my tether.
Another piece
of human space junk.


As promised, the winner of the WOOD chapbook shall be revealed.

In many instances, the view from space always evokes comments about the smallness of the planets in the cosmos. Our own planet earth get referenced as a “blue marble”. In her poem, “I Concur”, Connie L. Peters mentions this blue marble and thus, wins the book. Connie, if you will e-mail me at poeticbloomings@yahoo.com with your information, I will send WOOD out to you as soon as possible. Thanks all for your enthusiastic participation!

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9 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #9

  1. Well done, De, Jerry, and Connie!! Yeah!

  2. De, I have felt like that at times.Nice work, Jerry.Hurray, Connie! Not only did you win the book but I liked your poem very much.

  3. Wonderful poems, De & Jerry! And I'm loving all the wordplay in the post today!

  4. Thank you so much, Marie! What fun! And I'm especially honored to be mentioned along with Jerry, a poet I've stalked for over a year. ; ) Love your poem, Chev. And nice work, Connie, catching the phrase!

  5. Thanks Walt! And to both you and Marie, thanks for hosting such a great site. Thanks for the kind words everyone and, De, it's not stalking when one wants to be caught 🙂

  6. Beautiful work from two excellent poets! Nicely done! 🙂 PSC

  7. There were so many great poems this week. I imagine it was difficult for Walt and Marie to pick winners. De and Jerry's are worthy ones. Thanks Walt! I'm looking forward to getting your book.

  8. Conratulations De and Jerry You both did some great work and deserve the win. Loved them both. Connie, you came away with a great prize and I'm just a bit jealous. I'll just have to find a copy for myself, I guess. Congratulations, girl. You did good.I'm so happy to see such marvelous poetic expression here. Have a terrific holiday, all. TTFNClaudette

  9. Yeah De and Jerry! Connie- way to go, girl. You're on a roll!

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