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TBA – Winner of the chapbook, WOOD

For the curious at heart, there will be a winner named for the copy of my chapbook, WOOD. It will be announced along with Saturday’s “Beautiful Blooms”. It did not make the title, but was mentioned in the body of one of the poems. Great work all.


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10 thoughts on “TBA – Winner of the chapbook, WOOD

  1. Oh, the suspense is horrible… but the prize well worth the wait.

  2. Me! Me! Let it be me! 🙂

  3. Just FYI, he didn't let his PArtner in on the secret. Nope. No-siree. I don't have a clue what the phrase is. Oh, the suspense!

  4. Wait…wha? I thought you had the phrase. I…you…oh, the suspense!!

  5. DunDunDUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

  6. The Reader…the ropes…the bridge…the trainlook! up in the sky!is it?can it be?theE D I T O R S !(and they're packing WOOD)

  7. Darn Tootin'

  8. Walt, this was a great idea. I loved seeing how low poets are willing to stoop – just to snatch up the "phrase that pays." (Hey, I was as bad as any, and I call it creative license). This was a lot of fun. Can't wait for Wood to appear, and will gladly pay full price!

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