morning, package, fairy, shopping center, aluminum, pillow,
heretic, pyramid, rebel, door, concierge, pocket, cot

One thing you can say about our genial gardeners here at POETIC BLOOMINGS, is that there is never a cross word between them. Use as many of the words in this crossword grid and write a poem. This week is a challenging change of pace.

Marie’s submission:


Once upon a moment,
The moon’s aura rested
At my window,
Leaving silver-plated packages
Of windfall in my name.

I believed that door to be
Sealed at the whim of a heretic.

What then could I do,
But prepare to lay my head
On the pillow-less aluminum cot
Of an uneasy future
Of shopping center pleasantries
And pyramid schemes?

But I have a fairy in my pocket
And a penny rebel’s heart.

Morning broke.
I collected my being.


Walt’s rant:

Another Day in Paradise

Morning is a rebel, fighting the grip
with which night clutches, slipping into its pocket.
An uninvited visitor at the
door by which the heretic had entered.
In the shadows, the concierge rests,
the aluminum façade of the
shopping center becomes his pillow;
the street, his surrogate cot, proffers dreams.
Sugar plum fairy dances by the grace
of the distant pyramid’s gleam.