The latest form to be highlighted on In-Form Poet is the Sijo.

Sijo is the classic form of unrhymed poetry in Korea. Sijo have three long lines. Each line varies between 14 and 16 syllables, with the middle line the longest. The first line states a theme, the second line counters it, and the third line resolves the poem.

Marie Elena’s offering:

Mild reprieve from thought confusion and hallucinations,
At what cost? Becoming functionally blind? Movement disorders?
Regrettably, treatment often begets unwelcome fate.

Walt’s Example:

The winds of change blow harshly, burning my face and my eyes.
I shield them with my calloused hands, hoping for some relief,
so that I can steel myself against its stark reality.

Sijo are not usually titled. Try your hand at a few.

38 thoughts on “IN-FORM POET – SIJO

  1. I'm not happy with mine, and not sure I have a handle on this form. I need to read some more of these to gain a better understanding of what they mean by "theme," "counter," and "resolution." The examples I've seen don't appear to follow that pattern, in my understanding of the terms. Time for some homework. 😉

  2. Aha! In the meantime, Michele posted a fine example to add to Walt's. I think you two do a better job than some of the examples on the 'net. Good work!

  3. You have the touch, Michele! I can't take any credit for highlighting this form. This was Walt's choice. I'm glad he did, though … it's stretching me. Loving yours!

  4. THE MIGHTY SUN(A SIJO) Does the sun know, despite its power, it too is destined to die?Though its oppressive heat can burn the earth, so too can it be burned.Ask that ball of fire and it would blind your eyes with boasting. #

  5. Michael Grove said:You know like I do that the waiting is the hardest part.You also know there is no such thing as waiting, only living.Living with patience will ultimately resolve your concerns.By Michael Grove

  6. Tiring of trying to force change, beating a wall with wordsYet there may be cracks I cannot see, change that will come soonLooking inside, I see real change can only be made in me

  7. Salvatore–enjoyed your sun sijo "burn your eyes with boasting" nice!Michele–lovely words!Marie Elena–thought yours was quite true

  8. One arm is pulled, then the other to a different direction,both my daughter and my mother, both a slice of my family soul,cut me deep with regret. I can’t help them both, and not bleed.

  9. Books and pencils, lockers and desks, chalkboards, lessons and lunchLeaving the sweatshop of academia for relaxing funOnly to trade one for the other in too short a time.For some reason, the post box will not allow for my longer lines. Thus making my 3 line SIJO six lines. This is always the case when I post. If someone can guide me on adjusting that or can repost it in just three lines, I would be grateful! ~Kelly

  10. Oh, wow! it actually posted as written, not as the preview showed. First time longer lines posted for me! ~Kelly

  11. When I was young, time would drip like molasses through my hands.Now, time runs like water with no dam to shore up the banks and leaks.Finally, I am learning to let go and ride the currents.

  12. Found this form harder to write than it looks like it should be… here's my first attempt:We stand apart like solitary words and sentences, butscripted together we compose pages, chapters and volumes-for volumes are made by words, and friendships by you and me.

  13. I agree, Elizabeth! It looks so very simple, but it's difficult (for me, anyway) to come with an impressive Sijo. Those posted so far today are excellent!

  14. Summer vacation may entice one to education.An experienced teacher knows these months of freedom are a myth.Nothing but a plastic carrot dangling from an elusive stick.Never have I, nor will I, love a purring, shedding nuisance.But when fur clumps from dried blood and the lifeless form hugs the asphaltI mourn the loss of someone's furry friend as if I had.

  15. Interesting form, y"all have found. Don't think I have it right, though I have tried.Behind my eyes are angles, white pine, books, spaces for pigment.I lack the squared and measured words to turn boards into gingerbread,but reach into the dream and recall words of form and function.

  16. Most people think that poetry should contain rhyme and meter.When it does, it may be beautiful but it can get stuck.Consume, create, appreciate every style you can.

  17. Some more personal ones, though they dont always stick completely to the form:A single nurse has patients throughout the emergency spectrum.Some of them have "chest pain" less important than their coffee.Others are not aware that their families are watching them die.I may be two thousand miles away from my mother.But we keep in touch with online canasta and silly smilie texts.Real family can use any means to stay together.

  18. Forgiveness sets the victim free to live his life in joy.But pardon also releases the offender from the cage.You decide between freedom of the soul and bitterness.

  19. Welcome, Lori! Poetry is a great bonding experience. Connie, boast away. It's wonderful you are both sharing the blooms. 🙂

  20. Having read through and admired others' sijo, I hesitate to post my first attempt, but if practice makes perfect, I may get there in the end. Michelle's 'time' sijo is my favourite.My favourite occupation, apart from writing poetry,is contemplating the panoply of nature through my windowthe one sometimes counteracts the other, or else inspires it

  21. Someone is trampling on poor little Rosie's feathersshe is the bluebird trapped in Charles Bukowski'scrushed heavy hearttrying to get out,to find refuge in the arms of her belovedRose Black

  22. I'm going to try this again. Got kicked off the first time. I like this form, though this is my first attempt to use it. Everyone has produced such marvelous offerings so far. So here goes.We talk of pain, wheether it's of or bodies, minds, or spirits.Yet each is differently sized, differently felt, all depress.We pop pills to relieve the ache, when kneeling could remove it.

  23. She is a leaf, in the autumn of life, denouncing winter,but fall will leave, and (will you, nil you), winter will come in the end.Make hay while the sun shines; make peace with the passage of time.– PSC

  24. Here's my first attempt at Sijo, as well…Plans and dreams unmet, our future slipping through my fingers.A brick wall, when viewed differently, could really be the next step.I welcome God’s words: “For I know the plans I have for you…”For those interested in process notes…here's a link to: Catching Up.~ Paula

  25. Welcome, Lori! Feel free to boast, Connie! She obviously inherited her mother's way with words. 😉 Great job, Paula, and that is one of my favorite smiles from God.Wow, you guys. These are fantastic. I'm especially impressed with the Sijos of Sal, Michele (all, but most especially her 'living in sunshine,' PSC, and Patricia. Patricia, yours touched my heart deeply.

  26. BREEZE AND LEAVESSummer leaves high in forest branches bend and sway. They do not succumbThough summer breezes blow in their bid for power. Why not get along?Neither warm wind nor trees contemplate autumn. Only loyal birds remain. #

  27. EARLY SPRINGI ask after the squirrel, these many days absent from my lawn.The chirping sparrows will not tell, nor will the squawking blue jays,So when I toss acorns against the squirrel’s favorite tree, he reappears. #

  28. EASTERN WINDS When cruel winter winds howl from the east, we tremble in our nighttime sleep.We dream of fast-moving trains as they whistle down the lonely trackstowards cities we long for, where we can spend carefree days, far from peril. #

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