The palette is in full array and the world is awash with color. This week’s prompt is that simple: Color.  Write about a color. Write a colorful image without mentioning the color at all. You are the poet/artist. You paint the masterpiece with words as your medium. Color my world; it’s all good.

Marie Elena’s coloring:


Perched above, on weathered stone,
I drink in the autumn colors
below and about.
My eyes see, but they cannot grasp
the full wonder.

And my heart turns toward You.

You paint the scene before me,
with a palette mixed by Your own Hand.
You fashion the vista,
continually blending color;
the scene ever changing at Your whim.

Your sun travels across the canvas,
altering hues as it gently falls
as a silk scarf in scarce breeze.
Gold catches my eye, where it was shadowed
only moments ago.

Leaves, as scarlet as turned rubies,
shimmer, then fade.
Clouds veil Your sun.
Emerald, pumpkin, alabaster, and onyx
gleam against a silver sky.

Crickets sing, while hawk calls.
Trickling water chuckles in the distance.
Limbs moan with the breeze.
Crisp leaves crunch beneath the weight
of Your forest creatures.

Nature’s song is broken by two who happen on this path.
They pause to survey the wonder below, and about.
Their chatter halts,
as they are overtaken in awe
of the magnificent display.

The moment of silence breaks, with a nearly whispered
“Oh my God – look at this.”
I smile.
Do they know they have just paid homage
to The Artist?

And my heart turns toward You.

Walt’s rendering:


Her cheeks flush;
the crimson spreading
to her heart
and her lips.
A young man’s fancy turns with
the blush of her cheek.