IN-FORM POET: The Alouette

The Alouette was created by Jan Turner.

It consists of two or more stanzas of 6 lines each, with the following set rules:

Meter: 5, 5, 7, 5, 5, 7
Rhyme Scheme: a, a, b, c, c, b

“Alouette” is a French word, which means ‘skylark’, and this form is reminiscent of the lark’s song-like expression as presented here. The word ‘alouette’ can also mean “a children’s song” (usually sung in a group). This poetry form is not necessarily for children’s poetry (although can be applied that way), as it works through that style with short lines.


Marie Elena’s Alouette for “wee little kidlins” 

Timberly tumble
Jimberly jumble
Let’s go to the petting zoo.
Wigglety wiggle
Gigglety giggle
Loads of fun things we can do!

Timberly tumble
Jimberly jumble
Feel the fluffy bunny fur.
Wigglety wiggle
Gigglety giggle
Listen to the tiger purr.

Timberly tumble
Jimberly jumble
Bottle-feed a baby goat.
Wigglety wiggle
Gigglety giggle
Screech Owl sings a high-pitched note.

Timberly tumble
Jimberly jumble
Milk a mama dairy cow.
Wigglety wiggle
Gigglety giggle
Mama says, “Be careful, now!”

Timberly tumble
Jimberly jumble
Crackers for a pretty doe.
Mumbley mumble
Grumbley grumble
Mama said it’s time to go.

Copyright © 2011 Marie Elena Good

Walt’s Alouette:

I hear it gently,
and I mentally
take note of the lilting song.
Angel voices sing
the soundtrack of Spring.
Their chorus is loud and strong.

Morning brings their sound,
and it is around
dawn’s first light that I hear it.
A poet’s heart sees
the living beauty
within euphonic spirit.

I begin each day
the exact same way.
I am thankful for this gift.
My whispered prayer
rises through the air;
as their harmonies uplift.


Copyright © 2011 Walt Wojtanik

Try an Alouette if the muse strikes you.

15 thoughts on “IN-FORM POET: The Alouette

  1. Ah! Louette!Open wide say, ah!Not too wide, so far. You will feel a pinch as Ipush the needle in.It might start to stingIt won't hurt I tell no lie.Just let go relax,it's a well known fact,fear and tension can cause pain,it's a simple truth.Very soon your toothwon't cause you hurt Michele Brenton aka banana_the-poet

  2. This form seems more suited to a less serious subject than mine, but this was on my mind today and wanted to be written as an alouette:CLAYA cold lump of claysmeared in disarray,wet sludge waiting to be shaped;nothing on my own,no bright precious stone-just unrefined, coarse, unshaped-until my masterdrapes the wet plasterupon his pottery wheel;then I am molded,fashioned and folded,shaped according to his will.

  3. Yay!! We have some takers! Nice work, ladies. Elizabeth: you know I am always encouraged by your faith-based writing. :)Banana: Ouchie ouchie!! 😉

  4. Garden of TruthCan't be swept awayhidden, led astray.Truth blooms and spreads with strong rootsgripping in the earthcausing smiles and mirth.A treasure one cannot loot.On the other handa lie will rip landapart. Causing weeds to sproutdestroying the soil.No amount of toilcan fix roots damaged by doubt.So plant seeds that bloomand a garden soonwill overflow with virtue.A sanctuaryof joy. A veryenchanting, breathtaking view.

  5. A DREAM OF YOU DREAMING OF MEFalling deep in blueinto clouds of youhow'd I come upon this viewthrough mist and hazydew, sleepy, lazydays kissed by faint shades of blue Looking in your dreamsstarry tidal streamsto know, to touch thoughts so truedeep within your heartyour light touch impartsdays kissed by faint shades of blue

  6. The Flag WavesThe U. S. flag waves as it boldly braves the elements, like the oneswho battled before in many a war, keep free our daughters and sons.It flies strong and true,the red, white, and blue—thirteen stripes and fifty stars. Stars stand for the states. Stripes –colonies’ mates.Divine goal—stars, sunrays—bars.Red—brave, hardiness,white—pure, innocence,blue—justice, perseverance.Holding to ideals,resolution seals, Americans taking stance. We pledge to be trueto red, white and blueand to the people who maintain,united and free,letting liberty and justice for all to reign.

  7. alouette: face paintplain dull white, my house
drab spinster, old mouse
craves painted lady color
rouge, eye liner–shades,
saturations, grades.
all gloriously vulgar.

  8. Fun form, guys, thank you for sharing. Loved the contrast between both of yours. Marie, yours is so fun, entirely submittable to a venue like Baby Bug. Here's mine: Heard in Front of the Supermarket (an Alouette) I’ve got somethin’ for All you moms, and more,An offer you can’t refuse! Sweet as it can be, So cheap, almost free. C’mon, you simply can’t lose! Ten little pink toes,One tiny cute nose. Here’s a deal you just can’t miss!She looks like a doll, Hardly stinks at all. Wanna buy my baby sis?

  9. I haven't dared to read the others yet – I found the form a struggle, mainly because syllable counting doesn't come naturally to me -I prefer stressed metric poetry.No theme came to mind until I read a naturalist’s report of the early arrival of damselflies in May.Nature NotesThe red damselfly though I don’t know whyhas two sizes, large and small;is known to be redwith very large headlives up to six weeks, that’s all. The blue damselflyis not blue by the by -in fact it is almost white -like its red cousinsappears in dozensin flickering flight.

  10. I don't think this is "my" form. But it's out there somewhere (ever the wishful thinker) communicationshapes expectations:dreams grow within their culture.because I want moreI go to the storea product of mass cluttermy plain dull white housedrab spinster, old mousecraves painted lady colorrouge, eye liner–shades,saturations, grades.all gloriously old living spacewants a change of faceto knock it out of dolormy Self, I want trim,crisp; one might say "prim"(and, of course, smaller)I want me to bewhat I see on TVmy Cinderella naturewants magical changebut nothing too strange;just pleasant as a picture.


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