Marie and Walt have recently announced the inclusion of Web Wednesday and In -Form Poet to augment the Weekly Sunday Prompt. These features will be posted on alternate Wednesdays. This week (May 18) will be the initial In-Form Poet, with Web Wednesday to follow on (May 25). This will allow us to gather the necessary  material of the featured poet. And don’t worry if you do not currently have a blog or URL. We will still highlight your works here.

So remember to watch for the poetic form this week on Wednesday! Show us how you people poem!


  1. SF was my early introduction to writing poetry, and has remained my point of reference for formal poetry. I don't count syllable counting as metre, as it takes no account of stresses, but it is beginning to grow on me!

  2. Actually Viv, the stress is supposed to be on the third syllable in each line. But I kept the introduction to the form a bit less confining; to be refined later. Meter is what it was called in the breakdown I had found for the Alouette.

  3. Woops. I didn't know there was a rule about WHICH syllable to stress in the Alouette. Bummer. That really would be quite restrictive. Viv, you're absolutely right. Syllable count and metre are two entirely separate issues. It always bothers my ear to force an unnatural syllable stress. For INstance: inSTANCE. It may fit into the poetic mold, but if it isn't part of my natural speech pattern, I'll mess with it until I find a different wording to state the same thing. That's part of what takes me so long to (as Laurie Harris Kolp says) "birth a poem." 😉

  4. Ha. This conversation made me think of something a voice talent I used to employ for radio once said. He would say, "Oops, I put the em-FA-sis on the wrong syl-AH-ble." And then: "What's that in the road, a HEAD?"

  5. PS: Talk of meter and stress tends to stress me out, and make me feel like I'm back in AP English class. I like poems that fall where they may. ; ) The Alouette was fun, either way, even if mine is incorrectly 'stressed' out.

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