This is Poetic Bloomings — a place where poetry grows and flourishes in a supportive and encouraging environment. Please join us each Sunday for our prompts and examples. Then, get writing.


1. HAVE FUN. The guidelines aren’t meant to be restrictive. They are just to try to keep everyone on the same page.

2.  SEEDPROMPT SUNDAY.”  Every Sunday, we will post a new prompt, which may be found by clicking on “Poetic Bloomings” at the top of the page, or in the right-hand “Recent Posts” menu. You may post your poems at any time throughout the week(s) ahead.    We ask that you try to keep to the prompt. It makes it easier to categorize the subject matter.

3. HOW TO POST. Poems may be posted in the COMMENTS section for each prompt. You may also post to your personal blog and leave a link to your poem in the COMMENTS.

4. WHO MAY POST? Poetic Bloomings is open to all poets, regardless of skill level, point of view, or age. As such, we encourage members to “keep it clean.”  Our goal is to encourage and learn from one another. Hopefully we’ll all gain a fresh understanding of the poetic process.

5. WILD CARD.”  We will have the occasional “WILD CARD” prompt to allow you to let your muse loose.

6. BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS.”  Weekly, Walt and Marie Elena will each “pick” a “bloom” (poem) of the week to highlight. If enough interest is expressed, we would look into putting together a “POETIC BLOOMINGS POETRY JOURNAL” of these works. We’ll see what pans out.

7.  POET INTERVIEW.  On the second Thursday of every month, we feature one of our Poetic Bloomings members.  This includes an interview with the poet, and samples of their work.  Occasionally, we may feature special guests.

8.  IN-FORM POET WEDNESDAY.”  Every Wednesday, we present a poetic form for your consideration and information. (More of a tutorial for some of the lesser known or invented forms).  We encourage you to try your hand at these forms, and we may choose to highlight one of your in-form poems on occasion.

9. DAISY CHAIN.”  Please provide a link to your blog for our “DAISY CHAIN.”  We are about promoting your work. You retain the rights to all your poems — we just wish to help give you another venue for exposure.  Links may be e-mailed to Walt and Marie Elena at poeticbloomings@yahoo.com.

10. BOOK SHELF.”  Let us know if you have been published, and flaunt it here. We encourage success. If you have a collection or chapbook available, allow us to post it on our “BOOK SHELF” with your link for all who may be interested.

11. BLOG HOPPING. We encourage you to visit the blogs of other poets regularly. Leave constructive and supportive comments. We want to nurture the expression of these written words.

12. QUESTIONS may be directed to our e-mail:   poeticbloomings@yahoo.com.

13. HAVE FUN.  Did we already say that?  Must be important. 😉

Any updates will be highlighted under that banner. We would like to establish a community of poets working for a common goal: the propagation of all things poetic. Plant your poetic seeds here, and allow them to bloom in our garden. We look forward to reading you. Poem on!